WORTHINGTON - A popular weekly feature in The Globe will have a new look come Saturday.


The Globe’s Saturday section of television listings, which has been known as TV Week, is being rebranded as What’s On When and will make its first appearance in the May 18 edition. The name - a throwback to The Globe's former TV listing book - reflects a commitment to longtime readers, and the new launch will expand the section to reach an even broader audience.


“The TV section has always been a popular part of our newspaper, but we want to make an effort to reach even more readers,” said Roberta Fultz, the Globe’s Advertising Manager. “A lot of our younger audience wants to find out what’s on Hulu, or what’s streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Our What’s On When will now have these listings every week.”

Fultz also pointed out that What’s on When will continue to be more than just a compilation of what to watch on TV or a mobile device. Crossword puzzles, brain teasers, sudoku puzzles and current entertainment information are also part of What’s on When, as they were in TV Week.


The Globe re-launched a section featuring TV listings last year after it had been discontinued for several months.


“We had quit publishing it because we didn’t think it had much readership, but we got an influx of calls,” Fultz said.


“We wouldn’t be able to offer this section without the support of our community,” she added. “Our readers have been really vocal in their support, and advertisers see the value of that in return.”