WORTHINGTON - A 19-year-old Bethel man faces a string of charges in Nobles County District Court after more than 65 pounds of marijuana products were allegedly discovered in his vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, more than 65 pounds of THC vape cartridges, more than 1,000 containers (a total of 351 grams) of marijuana edibles and 376 one-gram glass tip marijuana joints were reportedly discovered in David V. Gorea’s vehicle, which was initially stopped in Worthington for having no front license plate. A K9 alerted to the likely presence of drugs, which allowed the vehicle search to occur.

The complaint states that the deputy also discovered packaging materials including tape, vacuum sealer bags similar to those containing marijuana products, two pairs of scissors and clear eyes solution. More than $600 cash was also found.

Gorea faces six felony drug charges related to the possession and sale of marijuana products. The maximum sentence he could face is 30 years imprisonment, a $1 million fine or both.

His conditional bail was scheduled at $30,000 and unconditional $100,000.