WORTHINGTON - A former Wilmont man was sentenced to 180 days in jail after being convicted of a second-degree drug sale charge that was filed after an August incident in Rushmore.

As of Monday’s sentencing in Nobles County District Court, Kaine Hanson, 21, of Duluth had satisfied his first of three 60-day increments. The remaining 60-day increments are to be served on the second and third anniversaries of Monday’s sentencing date, unless he receives a positive review from probation.

Hanson was also sentenced to approximately five and a half years in prison on the charge, which was filed after cocaine and $5,000 cash was found in a suitcase in Hanson’s possession.

He was sentenced to one year and one day in prison on another drug-related case after more than five pounds of marijuana were discovered in his vehicle during a July traffic stop. Both prison terms are to be stayed for a period of up to five years of supervised probation.

Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore told Hanson that he’s very young to be in court on a third drug charge.

“I get the impression that you got involved through Spanbauer,” Moore said of Benjamin Spanbauer, who was arrested the day before Hanson, and reportedly requested that Hanson return to the property to receive a suitcase with cash and harass the victim and complainant.

Hanson said he’s done everything he can to disassociate himself from Spanbauer, but that he takes responsibility for his actions.

Earlier this year, Spanbauer, 36, of Spokane Valley, Wash., was convicted of fourth-degree criminal sex and fifth-degree drug possession related to a reported rape. He was sentenced to serve a 148-day jail term in both cases, which had been satisfied by his mid-January sentencing date.

Spanbauer was also sentenced to four years in prison on both charges, to be stayed for a five-year supervised probationary term. He was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine on the criminal sex conviction.

Two of the five original charges had been dismissed in November by the court citing lack of probable cause.