WORTHINGTON — Noe Jeremias Martin-Lopez, 32, of Worthington was arrested Saturday on charges of identity theft and forgery.

A Worthington police officer was patrolling and stopped a driver. When he ran the vehicle’s plates, the officer learned that the car was registered to someone in Laredo, Texas who had recently reported being a victim of identity theft.

The officer also noted that the physical description of the vehicle owner didn’t match with the driver of the vehicle.

The driver’s license bore the name of the Laredo man, but the driver’s bank cards had Martin-Lopez’s name on them.

After further questioning, the driver admitted to police that he was Martin-Lopez and that he had been using the false name for more than two years. He told police that he purchased the identity information from someone in Windom for $1,500.

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Martin-Lopez was being held in Nobles County Jail. The maximum sentence for the most serious crime he has been charged with is 10 years in prison, a $20,000 fine or both.