FALCON HEIGHTS — Results from the Nobles County 4-H non-livestock competition at the Minnesota State Fair earlier this month are as follows:

Skylar Fisher, demonstration, red; Faith White, livestock demonstration, blue; Blake Madison, aerospace grades 9+, blue; Brooklyn Fisher, child and family development grades 6-8, blue; Grace Barber, citizenship grades 6-8, blue; Jocelyn Horn, clothes you make grades 6-8, purple; Kahleigh Dawson, non-garment grades 9+, blue; Indian Lake Progressives, club banner, blue; Grand Prairie Rockets, community pride, blue; Jenna Loosbrock, crafts grades 9+, red; Theodore Ossefoort, fine arts grades 6-8, blue; Kendra Frodermann, fine arts grades 9+, blue; Faith White, dog project, purple; Morgan Reetz, health grades 6-8, blue; Abigail Reetz, home environment grades 6-8, blue; Cheyenna John, elements of photography grades 9+, blue; Hannah Henning, elements of photography grades 9+, blue; Daryan Ossefoort, photo manipulation grades 9+, blue; Joshua Horn, plant and soil science grades 6-8, blue; Karissa Bickett, quilting grades 6-8, blue; Bryly McCuen, shop grades 6-8, blue; Brookelyn Oddson, shop grades 6-8, blue.