MANKATO -- All three J-turns on Minnesota 60 in Heron Lake opened to traffic late Wednesday, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The summer-long construction project consisted of improving intersection safety by constructing three J-turns, also known as Reduced Conflict Intersections at the following locations: Minnesota 60 and Jackson County 24; Minnesota 60 and 10th Street (Jackson County 9); and Minnesota 60 and First Street (Jackson County 43).

Studies show a 70% reduction in fatalities and a 42% reduction in injury crashes where J-turns are used, noted MnDOT. The recent crash history at the 10th Street intersection was above average, and most were right-angle/t-bone crashes. These crashes carry a higher likelihood of serious injury or death. Two of the right-angle crashes that occurred in the recent past resulted in three fatalities.

Only addressing the problem at 10th Street could result in the problem being relocated to the other intersections that serve Heron Lake, which is why all three intersections were improved with J-turns.

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