JACKSON — The Federated Rural Electric Trust, Jackson, recognized local organizations receiving $22,184 through Operation Round Up. These donations occur due to monthly contributions by participating Federated members.

Thirty groups received money in this 50th round of funding. Receiving funding were:

\u0009Family Services Network, Jackson County: $150 for booklets for Love & Logic Parenting classes.

Jackson County Central Softball: $150 for cocoa drag mat to maintain the infield.

East Chain Activity Center: $223 for stainless steel table for concession stand/food prep.

Lakefield Legion Auxiliary: $250 for paint and supplies to update the Legion.

Welcome Fire Department: $264 to buy two lights that attach to helmets for hands-free lighting at fire.

Martin County Historical Society, Fairmont: $265 to replace old male and female mannequin to show military clothing.

Martin County West Indoor Pool, Sherburn: $279 to buy two new rescue tubes and regulation/rules signs.

Sherburn Fire Department/Ambulance: $295 to buy electronic thermometer for ambulance.

Okabena Fire Department: $300 to buy 10 high-visibility vests for firemen working accident scenes.

JCC Middle School: $350 for therapeutic/art supplies to prevent/decrease behavior referrals.

SW/West Central Service Cooperative at JCC: $380 for crawling tunnel, bean bag chair and strength tunnel for sensory regulation room for preschool-third grade.

Alpha Fire Department: $400 for a leaf blower to contain and put out grass fires.

Human Services Faribault/Martin County: $405 to buy 50 “Parenting the Love & Logic Way” workbooks.

Trimont Ambulance: $450 for two-way radio for new hire first responder beyond city limits.

Boy Scouts of America, Sherburn: $500 for 10 cots for outdoor camping.

Northrop Citizens for Parks: $500 to refurbish city parks with new wood chips and border around play area; paint slides and merry-go-rounds.

Heron Lake Fire Department: $500 for 10 pairs of replacement extrication gloves

House of Hope, Fairmont: $500 toward LED lights at adult treatment facility.

HL-O Elementary School LIbrary: $500 toward new non-fiction books, removing outdated books.

Southwestern Mental Health Center, Jackson: $500 for 50 booklets for “A New Norm” for families in need.

Caregiver Response Effort & Service Team (CREST), Fairmont: $500 for “Healthy Aging” handbooks for senior citizen classes.

Jackson Center for the Arts: $559 to buy laptop for presentations, webpage and research.

MCW Preschool/ECFE: $615 to replace old, outdated toys for free choice play.

Truman Public Preschool: $647 for STEM toys: block kit, light kits, perception spheres and water kit.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office: $750 toward new K-9 dog slated in spring 2020, replacing retired dog.

JCC ball field, Lakefield: $750 toward new foul poles for softball/baseball fields.

MCW High School Science Department: $800 to buy two new microscopes.

Fairmont High School Robotics: $850 for power tools used for building a robot for competition.

SW/Wwest Central Service Co-op at HL-O: $1,252 for therapy swing, frame and rotation device for occupational therapy to work on reflexes and gross/fine motor skills.

Jackson County Food for Kids: $2,000 for backpack program providing kids food for the weekends.

NIne $700 high scholarships totaling $6,300 were also awarded to Federated members’ high school senior graduates

The Trust Board received 44 applications totaling $50,735 in this 50th round of funding. The board will meet again in the spring to determine the next round of funding. The deadline for submitting applications is Feb. 14, 2020.