Alleged drug dealer brothers charged

JACKSON -- Two brothers from Lakefield are facing felony charges in Jackson County District Court for allegedly selling methamphetamine to a confidential informant during controlled buys.


JACKSON -- Two brothers from Lakefield are facing felony charges in Jackson County District Court for allegedly selling methamphetamine to a confidential informant during controlled buys.

Ronnie Ybarra, 26, is charged with fourth-degree controlled substance sale, and his older brother Roland Ybarra, 27, is charged with four fourth-degree controlled substance sale counts and one second-degree controlled substance sale count.

According to the criminal complaint, a confidential informant (CI) in early February set up a controlled buy with Roland for a "teener" of meth, approximately 1.75 grams, for $200.

A time for the buy was established, then pushed back a few hours when Roland allegedly told the CI via text messages he had to work later than he had thought. At one point, Roland allegedly upped the price by $75.

At a predetermined location, authorities met with the CI and outfitted a voice listening device and prerecorded buy money.


The Jackson County deputies set up surveillance locations and watched the CI pull up in front of a Lakefield residence.

After the CI arrived and entered, a second vehicle pulled up and two males entered the residence.

A deputy allegedly recognized one voice as that of Ronnie Ybarra. The other was believed to be Roland Ybarra.

The deputies listened as the buy was allegedly completed and a deal was set up for another purchase.

When the vehicle with the suspects left, authorities watched as it drove to Roland's residence and he was identified.

The other male in the vehicle was believed to be Ronnie.

The deputies met with the CI after the buy, and the CI gave them a small zip lock baggie containing meth.

The CI said Ronnie had driven to the residence in Lakefield and Roland had been in the passenger seat. The CI had given the money to Roland and Roland had allegedly pulled the baggie from his pocket and handed it over.


Then, the CI said, Roland pulled a glass tube from his pocket, turned his back on the CI, and when he turned around again, he was smoking meth from the tube.

The two brothers allegedly passed the tube back and forth several times.

They told the CI they could get more meth later that night or the next day, the CI reported.

They also allegedly said they were getting their meth from Worthington.

The meth the CI purchased weighed in at 1.3 grams, the complaint states.

The following day, the CI called about a second controlled buy.

Roland had allegedly stated he could provide an 8-ball, approximately 3.5 grams of meth, for about $525.

The CI, after being outfitted with a listening device and buy money, again went to an agreed-upon location in Lakefield and completed the buy. Afterward, they met with the CI, who turned over a baggie containing meth and $310 of left-over buy money.


The CI reported Roland had walked into the residence without knocking, which had startled the CI, then said he couldn't get the whole 8-ball of meth, but had brought 2.5 grams.

Roland had allegedly asked the CI if the CI had brought a pipe, but the CI said no. Roland allegedly asked the CI to take a rock of the meth out of the bag for him, and the CI told the deputies Roland was possibly trying to skim some of the meth for himself.

Back at the law enforcement center, the baggie of meth weighed in at 1.7 grams.

Another controlled buy between Roland and a CI took place Feb. 21.

During that buy, Roland allegedly told the CI he had to go pick up his brother, Ronnie's twin, from prison the following day.

During the debriefing after the buy, the CI said Roland had come into the Lakefield residence without knocking and was supposed to bring an 8-ball of meth, but only had a teener, which the CI purchased for $270 because Roland said he owed the CI $5.

The baggie later tested positive for meth and weighed in at .8 grams.

The following day, the CI contacted a deputy and said Roland had sent a text message wanting to know if the CI wanted "the other half." The deputies worked quickly with the CI to set up a time for the buy.

As it took place, they watched the residence, and after it ended they watched as Roland drove back to his own residence.

The meth from the buy weighed 2.6 grams.

The total weight of the four buys was approximately 6.4 grams.

Roland has two previous convictions for fifth-degree controlled substance crimes. His bail was set at $50,000. Ronnie's bail was set at $20,000.

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