Applewhite Dental Partners office remodeled

WORTHINGTON -- A step or two inside the Applewhite Dental Partners office on Second Avenue reveals a huge difference to anyone familiar with the space.

Applewhite Dental Partners
Brian Korthals/Daily Globe Dr. Ed McNiece (left) and Dr. Clayton Hoffman stand in the recently renovated interior of Applewhite Dental Partners in downtown Worthington.

WORTHINGTON -- A step or two inside the Applewhite Dental Partners office on Second Avenue reveals a huge difference to anyone familiar with the space.

The office, home to dentists Edward McNiece and Clayton Hoffman, recently had significant renovations completed.

"Our remodeling was done a couple of months ago," said McNiece, who has been practicing in Worthington for nearly 35 years. "We basically doubled our space, as we were able to utilize Dr. Lecy's (neighboring orthodontist) old space and make it usable every day of the week."

The new space was created in part to create more room for Hoffman, who joined Applewhite a little more than a year ago. McNiece, however, pointed out that the renovations were done in order to provide for increased staff flexibility in work areas as well as future expansion.

"It's much bigger, much larger and more user-friendly, and therefore hopefully much easier for our patients," McNiece said of the remodeled office. "We went from four available treatment areas to eight ... and we have close to 2,700 square feet."


The Applewhite office had undergone renovations back in 1993. At that point, McNiece -- who earned his DDS in 1975 from the University of Minnesota -- had already been in Worthington more than 15 years after practicing dentistry in Windom for about 2 1/2 years.

"I've seen a lot of changes, from infection control requirements to computers to digital radiography implants," he reflected. "There have been tremendous changes in 37 years."

McNiece also manages to get out of his office to perform dental work, too. He, along with other Worthington dentists Stan Haas, Grant Sorensen and Maureen Sorensen, recently joined more than 1,000 other volunteers at the Minnesota Dental Association Mission of Mercy in Mankato. More than 2,000 patients were seen, and the volunteers provided more than $1.3 million worth of free dentistry.

Hoffman, for his part, is significantly newer to his work. Originally from Platte, S.D., he attended South Dakota State University and got his dentistry degree at the University of Iowa. The job with Applewhite is his first after completing his education.

"I want to try to help him grow into the profession," McNiece said. "To see his growth in a short period of time, it's kind of fun."

And now, Hoffman will -- it is hoped -- find it easier to grow into his profession in a more wide-open professional environment.

"We really enjoy the extra space," McNiece said. "It's great to have people come in and say, 'Wow, you've really made some changes.'"

Applewhite Dental Partners employs two dentists, two hygienists, two assistants and three front-desk personnel. An open house is planned at a later date.

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