Area 4-H results from the Minnesota State Fair

FALCON HEIGHTS -- Minnesota 4-H'ers from 86 counties brought more than 2,600 exhibits, delivered more than 200 public presentations and participated in dozens of group learning experiences and public performances during the 2016 Minnesota State Fair.

FALCON HEIGHTS -- Minnesota 4-H’ers from 86 counties brought more than 2,600 exhibits, delivered more than 200 public presentations and participated in dozens of group learning experiences and public performances during the 2016 Minnesota State Fair.
Exhibiting project work and delivering public presentations at the state fair provides youths with an opportunity to both showcase their achievements as well as continue the learning through the interactive and group-based conference judging and team experiences.
There were 198 youths from 28 counties exhibiting their engineering and problem-solving skills in a Rube Goldberg challenge to crush a pop can in multiple and complex steps.

State fair results for area 4-H’ers are included, by county, below:

Cottonwood County Jamie Derickson, child and family development, blue; Natalie Resch, clothes you make, fashion review Honor Court; Danica Dick, fine arts, blue; Andrew Quade, corn, purple; Jacob Schaffer, soybeans, purple; Heidi Imker, food and nutrition, red; Gabriele Grams, indoor gardening, blue; Jack Derickson, lawn and landscape, blue; Bonnie Imker, performing arts, blue; Jerry Imker, performing arts, purple; Emily Sell, elements of photography, blue; Thomas Sell, shop/wood science, blue; Lanee Myers, youth leadership, red; Molly Piotter, youth leadership, blue; Highwater Lads and Lassies, club banner, blue.

Jackson County Tyler Brunk, citizenship, blue; Eli Fest, citizenship, blue; Paul Salentiny, fine arts, blue; Garrhet Kellner, electric, red; Victoria Murdock, exploring the environment, blue; Michaela Kellner, food and nutrition, blue; Rebecca Salentiny, foods and nutrition, blue; Ashley Wagner, home environment, blue; Abigail Fest, indoor gardening, blue; Coretta Hedstrom, performing arts, blue; Isaac Hedstrom, performing arts, purple; Sharon Murdock, elements of photography, red; Anna Rose, elements of photography, blue; Grace Iverson, elements of photography, blue; Mackenzie Henning, shop/wood science, blue; Peter Ignaszewski, shop/wood science, blue; Enterprise Earners, club banner, blue; Lakefield Hunter, club banner, blue; Rube Goldberg Challenge: Joseph Mohr, blue; Rachel Mohr, blue; and Landin Warmka, blue.

Murray County Vanessa Dahlgren, clothes you buy, fashion review court of honor; Ryanna Schreier, consumer education, blue; Kaitlyn Schuur, crafts, blue; Megan Busman, fine arts, blue; Hannah Wichmann, fine arts, blue; Mckenna Samuelson, exploring animals, blue; Abby Hamman, exploring the environment, blue; Dominic Krueger, foods and nutrition, blue; Oda Anderson, foods and nutrition, blue; Madysen Swan, foods and nutrition, blue; Rachel Siedschlag, health, blue; Isaiah Kathman, indoor gardening, blue; Maggie Heezen, performing arts, purple; Emily Kathman, performing arts, blue; Michelle Zenk, performing arts, blue; Dylan Swan, elements of photography, blue; Ashley Hellewell, elements of photography, blue; Chantel Krueger, elements of photography, blue; Sophie Larson, elements of photography, blue; Tabitha Krueger-Buss, creative/applied photography, blue; Dylan DeYonge, self-determined, red; Dalton DeYonge, self-determined, blue; Ryan Risacher, self-determined, blue; Jaden Wendland, self-determined, red; Hayden Ankrum, shop/wood science, blue; Nicholas Ankrum, shop/wood science, blue.


Nobles County Morgan Sauer, illustrated presentation, blue; Cheyenna John, clothes you make, blue; Sarah Spieker, clothes you buy, blue; Jonathan Horn, computer, blue; Kyla Fuerstenberg, crafts, red; Morgan Sauer, crafts, blue; Kendra Frodermann, fine arts, blue; Alyssa Lira, fine arts, blue; Austin Henning, corn, red; Blake Madison, electric, red; Paige Madison, exploring animals, blue; Skylar Fisher, food and nutrition, blue; Hannah Henning, health, blue; Faith White, indoor gardening, blue; Bailey Onken, performing arts, purple; Blaine Doeden, elements of photography, purple; Kelsey Fuerstenberg, blue, elements of photography; Madelyn Kremer, blue, elements of photography; Nolan Onken, blue, robotics; Beau Loosbrock, blue, shooting sports/wildlife management; Jaden Hennings, small engines, red; Cole Hennings, blue, tractor; Francisco Gonzalez, blue, wildlife biology; Brody Loosbrock, blue, wildlife biology; Rushmore Central Hustlers, blue, club banner; Indian Lake Progressives, blue, club banner and community pride.

Pipestone County Jasmine Jensen, child and family development, blue; Braelyn Kracht, consumer education, red; Carter Kracht, consumer education, blue; Karla Nelson, fine arts, blue; Katie Scotting, fine arts, blue; Emily Nelson, exploring animals, blue; Nathan Pierson, plant and soil science, blue; Wyatt Jensen, shop/wood science, blue; Sweet Strivers, club banner, blue; Prairie Grangers, club banner, blue.

Rock County Ryleigh Beers, youth leadership, purple; Alexa Chesley, food preservation, blue; Moriah Flanagan, entomology, red; Autumn Hamann, foods and nutrition, purple; Hunter Hamann, shooting sports/wildlife, purple; Alexandra Hartman, forest resources, blue; Sophie Holmberg, fashion review-clothes you buy, participant; Gretchen Jacobsma, shop/wood science, red; Burke Johnson, computer, blue; Brianna Jonas, clothing-non garment, purple; Elisabeth Kelm, food revue, red; Elizabeth Klamm, exploring animals, blue; Christian Kruse, shop/wood science, blue; Hannah Kruse, livestock demonstration, blue; Emily Malsom, home environment, blue; Dylan Mente, veterinary science, blue; Justin Mente, shooting sports/wildlife, blue; Trevor Mente, shooting sports/wildlife, blue; Aisha Porter, photography, blue; Candace Porter, food preservation, blue; Deven Porter, foods and nutrition, blue; Alex Uhl, citizenship, blue; Joni Vander Beek, needle arts, blue; Sage VerSteeg, self-determined, blue; Magnolia Juniors, club banner, purple; and Springdell, club banner, red.

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