Area speech students advance to state tourney

MARSHALL -- Area Class A speech students will advance to the Minnesota State High School League Speech Tournament set for April 22 at Apple Valley High School.

MARSHALL - Area Class A speech students will advance to the Minnesota State High School League Speech Tournament set for April 22 at Apple Valley High School.


The top three qualifiers in each of the 13 speech categories earned the honors April 8 at the Section 3A meet at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall. Windom Area won the team trophy at the section competition with 46 points, while Tracy-Milroy-Balaton was second with 43 points.


Medalists in the Section 3A contest included the following students. First-, second- and third-place finishers are state qualifiers.



Creative Expression: 1. Dana Athmann, BOLD/BLHS; 2. Livia Wallace, Pipestone Area; 3., Ross Vanderwal, River Valley; 4. Stewart Chisham, TMB; 5. Cecilia Rabaey, Minneota; 6. Cole Davis, Murray County Central


Discussion: 1, Knute Oldre, Luverne; 2, Jack Pierson, MCC; 3/ Samantha Ykema, Luverne; 4. Madelynn Schumacher, TMB; 5. Alyssa Widijanto, Windom Area; 6. Justin Clarke, MCC


Dramatic Interpretation: 1, PaNhia Vang, TMB; 2. MaiDee Vang, TMB; 3. Maggie Heezen, MCC; 4. Peter Engels, Minneota; 5. Katy Broin, RTR; 6. Angelique Woodrich, TMB


Duo Interpretation: 1. Colton Jensen and Jessica Moe, River Valley; 2. Natalie Bot and Tara Thooft, Minneota; 3. Nick Bot and Cole Bot, Minneota; 4, Bailey Onken and Jason Van Dyke, Fulda; 5. Cameron Schultz and Kimberly Novotny, BOLD/BLHS; 6. Paige Welsh and Jacob Haen, Minneota



Extemporaneous Reading: 1. Sarita Hook, TMB; 2. Alexia Kemper, Adrian; 3. Alyssa Boynton, MCC; 4. Kaylee Campbell, TMB; 5. Cora Engels, Minneota; 6. Emily Scheitel, River Valley


Extemporaneous Speaking: 1. Dylan Thorson, Luverne; 2. Brenden Kimpe, Minneota; 3. Marian Schnell, TMB; 4. Shane Berning, Luverne; 5. Chance Tunnissen, Luverne; 6, Mason Johnson, MCC


Great Speeches: 1. Kelly Hayenga, Windom Area; 2. Megan Busman, MCC; 3. Jesus Cazares Reyes, Windom Area; 4. Sydney Erickson, Windom Area; 5. Sarah Engels, Minneota; 6. Jori Strasser, Pipestone Area


Humorous Interpretation: 1., Austin Jones, Windom Area; 2. Sarah Dunn, River Valley; 3. Jake Bleyenberg, MCC; 4. Eliza Ford, Windom Area; 5. Seno Chanthalangsy, Luverne


Sixth, Lissette Garza, MCC.


Informative Speaking: 1. Sean Dilley, Minneota; 2, Anna Potz, River Valley; 3. Sabdi Bravo, Adrian; 4. Zack Loosbrock, Adrian; 5, Quentin Cochran, TMB; 6, Paige Morgan, Pipestone Area


Original Oratory: 1, Dakota Scott, Windom Area; 2. Frances Piper, Fulda; 3. Sarah Jeong, Westbrook-Walnut Grove; 4. Cameron Kresko, MCC; 5. Elijah Kirschstein, River Valley; 6. Alex Wolner, Montevideo


Poetry: 1. Noah Tiegs, TMB; 2. Brigitte Beall, Windom Area; 3. Anna Johnston, TMB; 4. Maritza Beltran, Adrian; 5. Rose Frank, Redwood Valley; 6. Adriana Gonzalez, Luverne


Prose: 1. Christian Lohrenz, Windom Area; 2. Emily Hormig, Windom Area; 3. Anthony McGee, Pipestone Area; 4. Sage VerSteeg, Luverne; 5. Beret Henningsgaard, Canby; 6. Darian Leddy, Pipestone Area


Storytelling: 1. Cale Engelkes, MCC; 2. Marisol Hartshorn, Luverne; 3. Grace Pingeon, River Valley; 4. Hannah Baker, Luverne; 5. Josie Harms, MCC; 6. Emily Kathman, MCC

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