Area students place in digital photography competition

SWWC Digital Photography Competition
This picture collage is comprised of nine photographs taken from different area students that placed in a recent Southwest West Central Service Cooperative digital phogography competition. The photos were taken by: 1. Eline VanDriel, Heron Lake-Okabena; 2. Carmen Flores-Blees, HL-O; 3. Ariana Jeffers, Worthington; 4. Abi Renteria, Mountain Lake Christian; 5. Faith White, HL-O; 6. Ania Beam, HL-O; 7. Zadok Ford, Mountain Lake Christian; 8. Nallele Pena, Worthington; 9. Lydia Cavanaugh, Mountain Lake Christian.

MARSHALL — Nine students from three area school districts placed in a recent digital photography competition sponsored by the Southwest West Central Service Cooperative.

Nature and Landscapes, DSLR

First place, Nallele Pena, senior, Worthington High School, photo taken fall 2019 of Lake Okabena at Chautauqua Park: “I like digital photography because I love to admire nature and I believe taking photographs is the best way to do so. I always remember my photography teacher, Mrs. Gail Holinka, teaching us students about the rule of thirds, balance, angles, etc. I also really liked how everything wasn’t the same — the contrast between the water and ice on the lake and snow on the rock.”

Second, Ariana Jeffers, junior, WHS: “My picture was taken in Yellowstone National Park. It’s at the ‘Upper Falls’ or ‘Artist Falls.’ The place I took my picture is one of the most photographed places in Yellowstone. There’s also a lot of paintings of it. What inspired my shot? Well, when I walked past the trees and got on the ledge, it was absolutely breathtaking. The colors were super unique, and the whole structure was out of this world. I’ve always loved photography. I grew up around it because my mom (Leann Jeffers) was always taking pictures (since) she is a photographer. She’s inspired me and eventually helped me get into it. This sounds super cheesy, but I love being able to take all these places I’ve been and things I’ve seen with me. I just love the process of taking pictures.”

Nature and Landscapes, Phone


Second, Abi Renteria, freshman, Mountain Lake Christian: “I like digital photography because I get to express myself and it means going out to find new things and take pictures of those things. The photo I took was very fun to take. I went to a friend’s house and she told me about some trees that had just blossomed during spring. That same day we decided to bike over to the trees and check them out. They were all so bright and colored and beautiful and I decided I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to take a picture of them. We took many, many pictures of the trees.”

Third, Zadok Ford, senior, MLC student from Windom: “I love how digital photography takes a moment in time and captures it in a frame for us to look at forever. I took my photo in Kanab, Utah when I was visiting my grandparents for Christmas. You don’t get to see very many mountains in Minnesota, so I wanted to be able to see them whenever I wanted to.”

Honorable Mention, Lydia Cavanaugh, freshman, MLC: “I like being able to control every detail about my picture — from the subject and focus to the angle and coloring. I like being able to find unique shots and play off of what is happening around me. I took my photo on a snow day last winter. It had just rained, and then it immediately froze outside. I went out to take some pictures, thinking I could get some interesting shots, and this is the one that turned out the best!”

Elements of Design

Second, Faith White, Heron Lake-Okabena; Honorable Mention, Eline VanDriel, Heron Lake-Okabena.


First, Carmen Flores-Blees, Heron Lake-Okabena; Second, Ania Beam, Heron Lake-Okabena.

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