Arrest made after woman allegedly attempted to run over another person with her car

She is being held in police custody.

Jennie Keosaksith

WORTHINGTON — A Worthington resident is in Nobles County Jail after a July 14 incident in which she was accused of trying to run someone over with her car.

The victim told police that Jennie Keosaksith, 31, pulled into the driveway, and the victim went outside to stand in front of the victim's vehicle, fearing that Keosaksith would damage it.

The victim provided a video recording of the encounter, which reportedly shows Keosaksith revving her engine with her vehicle pointed at the victim, and saying she was going to run over the victim. Keosaksith can also be heard saying that since the victim had already called the police, she should "make it count," according to the criminal complaint.

After making the statements, Keosaksith then reportedly accelerated toward the victim three times, once hitting the vehicle the victim was standing in front of. After allegedly driving at the victim a fourth time, she then left the scene.

Police observed tire marks in the driveway from the incident. The victim showed police about 20 missed calls and harassing text messages from Keosaksith earlier that day, including one in which she reportedly threatened to run the victim over.


Keosaksith was later located in Round Lake, arrested and charged with three criminal offenses: second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and threats of violence, both felonies, and misdemeanor domestic assault. The assault charge carries a maximum possible charge of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine, but if convicted, Keosaksith will be sentenced based on criminal history.

She is being held in Nobles County Jail on bail set at $50,000 with conditions or $100,000 without. Her initial court appearance is set for Monday.

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