Assault allegedly motivated by bias

WORTHINGTON -- A Worthington man who attacked another man and broke his thumb is out of jail on a $2,500 non-cash bond after spending several days in jail.


WORTHINGTON -- A Worthington man who attacked another man and broke his thumb is out of jail on a $2,500 non-cash bond after spending several days in jail.

Michael Ray Rosadakhom, 27, is being charged with assault motivated by bias, according to court documents filed this week in Nobles County.

The fourth-degree assault charge is a gross misdemeanor, characterized in the statute as an assault because of the victim's actual or perceived race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability.

Rosadakhom is also facing a felony-level third-degree assault charge for substantial bodily harm because of the victim's broken thumb.

The complaint states Rosadakhom assaulted the victim after exiting the Long Branch Saloon shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday morning.


An officer with the Worthington Police Department was on bike patrol when he saw a crowd of people standing in front of the doorway to the Long Branch.

While watching the group, he saw an Asian man, later identified as Rosadakhom, look at an African man and allegedly yell a racial slur.

The victim turned to look at Rosadakhom, who punched the man in the face several times.

The victim raised his hands in front of his face to block the punches as the officer ran across the street yelling at Rosadakhom to stop fighting.

The officer saw two other men approach the fight and told them to get back.

Neither obeyed, and the officer had to physically push one away from the fighting men and take Rosadakhom to the ground.

The officer gave Rosadakhom into another officer's custody and turned his attention back to the crowd, but there were no further problems.

He spoke with the victim, who said he thought his thumb was broken.


This was later confirmed in the emergency room.

The victim gave the officer a statement, confirming the officer's observation that he did not strike back at his assailant.

He said he did not know the man that had hit him and couldn't believe the man would attack him in front of a police officer.

The bond was posted Wednesday after the amount was set Monday during a bail hearing.

Rosadakhom's application for a public defender was also approved Monday.

Rosadakhom is scheduled to appear in court next week for an omnibus hearing.

His conditions of release include no contact with the victim and no possession or use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs.

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