Assault ends in arrest of Lismore man

Alejandro Vasquez

WORTHINGTON — A Lismore man was arrested July 23 after Worthington police responded to a report of an assault in Veterans Park.

When officers arrived on the scene, there were two men at the park, one of whom was holding the back of his head and had a large amount of blood on his hand and head, running down his neck and soaking into his shirt. The victim told police that Alejandro "Alex" Vasquez, 24, of Lismore, had hit him in the head with a crowbar.

The other man told officers that he had been driving by the scene, where the victim had Vasquez pinned and was waving for help. When the man pulled over, the victim asked him to call the police, so the man dialed the number and handed the phone to the victim, at which point Vasquez got in his car and fled the scene.

Using the license plate number provided by the victim and witness, officers tracked down Vasquez, who allegedly described the assault as "an act of passion," explaining that the victim had slept with his girlfriend, so Vasquez decided to harm the victim.

Vasquez was arrested and charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, a felony offense with a maximum possible sentence of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine.


After the victim was treated for his injury, he reported to police that Vasquez had previously threatened him for talking with Vasquez's girlfriend. He then gave a detailed account of the assault, and returned with an officer to the scene, where he acted out what had happened. At this point the victim corrected himself and said that the weapon had actually been a tire iron, not a crowbar.

In an interview with police, Vasquez allegedly said he had only meant to scare the victim and denied having hit the victim with the tire iron.

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