Budget Breakdown: $8,089,397

What it is: This is the amount Nobles County Commissioners budgeted for Community Services in 2016.What it was last year: $7,495,229Total county budget: $34,372,047Percentage of total budget: 23.5 percentHow it's used: The Community Services budg...

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What it is: This is the amount Nobles County Commissioners budgeted for Community Services in 2016.
What it was last year: $7,495,229
Total county budget: $34,372,047
Percentage of total budget: 23.5 percent
How it’s used: The Community Services budget includes human services, public health and community corrections. The total budget includes payroll and funds dedicated for services. In 2016, $880,000 has been earmarked for out-of-home placements. Mental health holds and commitments account for another $100,000.
One new position will be created in 2016 to work in social services/child protection. The position is funded entirely by a child protection grant.
Grant leverage: Approximately $4.25 million in grants and allocations are expected to be received by Community Services in 2016 from the Minnesota Department of Health and Department of Human Services.
Quote: “(Out-of- Home Placements are) a mandated service. I would say that 90 percent of the services we provide are mandated services. Those that are not are the things we’re trying to secure grant funding for.” - Nobles County Community Services Director Stacie Golombiecki.
Number of staff members: Human Services: 45; Public Health: 17; Community Corrections: 8.5.
More information: Nobles County budgeted $179,286 for Rock-Nobles Community Corrections in 2016. The agency also receives $89,643 from Rock County and receives revenue from state grants and subsidies to operate its 2016 budget of $760,487, according to Director Jon Ramlo.

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