Conflicting narratives in stabbing incident

WORTHINGTON -- A jury heard testimony Tuesday in Nobles County District Court from people present when Blue Thyboualoy was allegedly stabbed in June 2015.

WORTHINGTON -- A jury heard testimony Tuesday in Nobles County District Court from people present when Blue Thyboualoy was allegedly stabbed in June 2015.

Chim LoVan is charged with two counts of manslaughter, murder in the second and third degree and one count of second-degree assault in connection with Thyboualoy’s death. Authorities determined Thyboualoy died from two stab wounds located on his abdomen and upper arm areas -- hours after they were inflicted.

Additionally, the jury heard testimony from Thyboualoy’s aunt and several authorities who questioned LoVan. Jurors also watched three interviews authorities conducted with LoVan related to the incident..


In the first interview, Special Agent David Schafer of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Worthington Police Officer Tyler Olson questioned LoVan the day after the incident occurred. In the interview, LoVan recalled he was fishing when he received a phone call from Thyboualoy.

LoVan said Thyboualoy asked him if he had marijuana. When he said he didn’t, Thyboualoy called him a racial slur.

LoVan then drove the people he was fishing with to their home at around 1 a.m. and picked up a man named “Duffy” (later identified as Ethan David Duffy). The two later went to Thyboualoy’s home at around 2 a.m.

In one interview, LoVan said he wanted to talk to Thyboualoy about calling him the racial slur. In another, he said he was going to the household to obtain money from Thyboualoy and then buy marijuana for him.


LoVan said he saw a man named Ryan Chomnarith run into the home, and that he and Thyboualoy appeared to be paranoid and under the influence of illegal substances. Duffy and LoVan then approached the door and tried to open it while Chomnarith and Thyboualoy attempted to close it.

LoVan said he was yelling at Thyboualoy and very angry, but he said in later interviews that he was speaking in a normal voice during the incident.

Thyboualoy told LoVan and Duffy to leave the house because it belonged to his aunt and said something similar to, “No, not here, this is my aunt’s home.” LoVan testified that he and Duffy left the property when the door was shut.

Olson, who was a detective during the investigation last year, also testified before the jury and stated that the three interviews he conducted with LoVan did not match up.


LoVan said in the first interview that he was pushing against the door, and that he was angry and yelling at Thyboualoy. LoVan said in the second and third interviews that he was barely touching the door and spoke to Thyboualoy in a slightly more elevated tone, but did not yell at him.

Olson said authorities found several knives in the LoVan and Thyboualoy households, but none matched the description of the knife used to allegedly stab Thyboualoy.

Thyboualoy’s aunt, Samlee Khunsap, also testified that she woke up the morning Thyboualoy died when she heard the front door slam closed. She went to the basement to tell Thyboualoy and Chomnarith to be quiet and noted that her nephew seemed shaky while playing on his phone. Khunsap later saw her nephew sleeping when she left for work at 4:30 a.m., and also observed blood in the kitchen area.

Khunsap finished work at 4:30 p.m. and saw blood coming from Thyboualoy’s mouth upon arriving home, prompting her to call an ambulance. She also said she knew LoVan because he had been to her house before.

Chomnarith took the stand and testified that he saw LoVan stab Thyboualoy. He testified that he was sober the night of the incident and arrived at the Thyboualoy household at the same time Duffy and LoVan did. Chomnarith said LoVan appeared to be under the influence of illegal substances that night.

LoVan had a knife in his left hand and a cross bow in his right hand, stated Chomnarith, who also testified that he wanted to call for medical help but there wasn’t a phone in the house.

When Defense Attorney Michael Hanson cross-examined Chomnarith, Chomnarith said he’d received a text from Thyboualoy reporting that he’d been stabbed. When Chomnarith arrived at the house to check on Thyboualoy,, he couldn’t call for medical help because he did not bring his phone with him and Thyboualoy’s phone did not work. There were no other phones in the home, and he left the household at 5 a.m.

Hanson later asked if people called him “Chimp”; Chomnarith said no one had ever called him that.

The second witness of the incident -- Duffy -- also testified. He said he knew Chomnarith by the name “Chimps, ” and that he was told by LoVan on the night of the incident that they were going to the Thyboualoy household to pick up money owed by Thyboualoy.

Duffy first entered the home, spoke to Chomnarith and was then pushed out of the home. He then walked toward the car and told LoVan that they were closing the door, and LoVan then “charged” to the door.

Duffy said he entered the car during the altercation and saw hands coming from the door that shoved LoVan out as LoVan tried to push his way into the home. LoVan then entered the car after the altercation and drove them to LoVan’s house.

The trial is scheduled for the rest of the week.

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