Council sells golf course equipment, approves Oxford design standards project

WORTHINGTON -- With Prairie View Golf Links no longer in operation, the Worthington City Council agreed Monday to part ways with its many pieces of equipment.

WORTHINGTON - With Prairie View Golf Links no longer in operation, the Worthington City Council agreed Monday to part ways with its many pieces of equipment.


The council approved the sale of seven pieces of golf course maintenance equipment to GreatLIFE Worthington for $17,500. The city entered into a cooperative agreement with GreatLIFE in May 2013 to share the equipment. With the decommissioning of Prairie View Golf Links, the agreement and the equipment are no longer needed. The equipment includes aerators, seeding and cutting gear.


In another vote, the council approved the sale of the rest of the surplus golf course equipment at the 16th Annual Upper Midwest Commercial Turf, Golf Course & Landscape Equipment Consignment Auction, which will take place on March 25.



The city will be auctioning off more than 70 items, including lawn mowers, grinders, ball washers, rakes, sprinklers and markers. The auction service, which charges a 5 to 8 percent fee, will take care of advertising and promotion.


“This Fahey operation is probably one of the more reputable for these types of things,” said council member Alan Oberloh. “I like the auction method, it’s going to give you the highest dollar amount.”


In a separate matter, as part of the Oxford Street Redevelopment Plan, the council approved a professional services contract and memorandum of understanding with Cunningham Group Architecture to complete a design standards project. The project is meant to create design standards, with the help of the community, for Oxford to improve the quality of the area in order to create community pride.


The public engagement aspect of the project will be different this time around, as the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership (SWMHP) has agreed to provide $50,000 to go toward creating an art-based community development approach with ArtPlace.



SWMHP will hire an artist to aid Cunningham in public engagement such as open houses.


Director of Community and Economic Development Brad Chapulis said the goal of the art-based approach is to get new people out to such events who wouldn’t be interested otherwise.


“Typically, as you may be familiar, when we have a public open house, most of us can identify who shows up at those events and we get the same representation each and every time we have these open houses,” he said. “The art-based community development approach engages different segments using art as the template for discussion. The intent is to have nontraditional open houses using art as the focal point of bringing people together to talk about the topic at hand.”


The council also authorized a contract with Pictometry International for an aerial mapping update. The city uses aerial photography on a daily basis to aid in project development and design.



As Nobles County is under contract to have its aerial photography updated in 2017, the city and county are working together to use the same service, rather than do the aerial photography separately.


As the county uses less precise photography that isn’t good enough for the city, the city will pay $10,500 to increase the accuracy to the required standards. The last time the city updated its aerial photography was in 2008.


“I'd say use Google Earth, but evidently that doesn’t work,” joked council member Chad Cummings.


In other news, the council:


  • Approved the financing of a $868,000 grant from the Department of Employment and Economic Development to Illinois-based developer North Development Group. Due to the nature of the grant funding, the city needed to act as a sponsor for the grant. Chapulis anticipates construction will begin this spring.


  • Authorized a petition to determine if the city is able to create a retention area south of Interstate 90 proposed as part of the County Ditch 12 Flood Mitigation Project.


  • Authorized a work order for the design, bidding, construction and closeout phases for the Worthington Airport runway maintenance project.


  • Approved a lease with Patricia Arnt to operate the concession area of Centennial Beach. The area will be open for business every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day, weather permitting. The city will pay a total of $5,000 for the lessee’s maintenance of the restroom facilities, beach area and concession area during the term of the lease.


  • Approved the 2017 agreement between the city and the Girls Softball Association. The Girls Softball Association pays the city a fee of $35 per field in exchange for the exclusive use of the Centennial Softball fields for games and practices.


  • Approved the YMCA summer program fees, which call for a 3 percent increase to the 2017 Day Camp fees and no increase to the Summer Sports Programs fees.


  • Approved an application from the Worthington Hockey Association to conduct a raffle at the Worthington Hockey Arena on March 16.
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