Crash victim remembered as godly, respectful man

WORTHINGTON -- The smell of bacon and eggs wafted throughout the house. Individuals from multiple generations shared breakfast together as the younger kids played or crawled about.

The Cordero family, Carlos Cordero Àlvarez (left), wife Elvia Cordero Martin and 14-month-old son Angel Cordero. (Special to The Globe)

WORTHINGTON - The smell of bacon and eggs wafted throughout the house. Individuals from multiple generations shared breakfast together as the younger kids played or crawled about.

The Thursday morning scene at the Cordero residence in Worthington didn’t seem unusual, but there was someone missing and 14-month-old Angel Cordero was on the lookout for him.

“He’s looking to see if Dad is coming home,” Nilda Àlvarez Cordero explained through translation why Angel, her grandson, was moving the blinds away from the window and peering outside.

The sight made Nilda tear up as she watched young Angel wait for her son, Carlos Cordero Àlvarez, who passed away more than a week ago when his vehicle lost control on a snow and ice-covered Minnesota 91 northeast of Lismore and collided with another vehicle.

On April 18 - the morning of the accident - Carlos was on his way to Monogram Meat Snacks in Chandler, the same job that brought him to the United States from Puerto Rico in May 2013. Carlos’ passenger and the driver of the other vehicle survived.


The 26-year-old not only leaves behind his son and mother, but other family members, including his wife, Elvia Cordero Martin, and a church congregation he regarded as family.

“The whole church loved him so much,” Elvia said through translation about their family in Christ at Iglesia Pentecostal Unida Hispana in Worthington. “He’d go up front and dance for God and all the kids would come up and join.”

Carlos was humble, respectful and selflessly put others first, always helping others in need, Elvia added.

Nilda said Carlos would personally visit those absent from church service to see if they were OK. Her son was always welcoming and inviting others to come join in worship, she added.

“When he’d get to church he’d go say ‘hi’ to everyone, even the babies,” she said. “He was always the first to welcome new people.”

As someone who was taken to church as a young child, there was a period of time when Carlos stopped attending church, Elvia said.

When the couple met at Monogram Meat Snacks, Elvia invited him to attend a church service with her as friends.

“I liked that he agreed to go right away with me,” she said.


The couple continued their friendship until Carlos told Elvia he liked her. He liked that she was a Christian woman and was looking for someone to help change him, Elvia said. It took her about a month before she agreed to officially begin dating him, she said.

Carlos was baptized in December 2013, and the couple married Sept. 20, 2014.

Church became an important part of Carlos’ life, and Nilda said he dedicated six days a week to participating in church-related activities. As he continued to grow in his faith, he had aspirations of serving God by becoming a pastor, Elvia added.

While Nilda recalls Carlos as an energetic but behaved child who loved to play basketball, he really changed when he “met God.”

“His plan was to always have his children on God’s path - that following God is the best thing to do,” Elvia chimed in.

Carlos’ funeral took place Tuesday and his burial was Wednesday.

Claudia Rodriguez, a family friend, created a GoFundMe page to help furnish funeral costs and to support the family.

To donate, visit .


The Cordero family, Elvia Cordero Martin (left), Carlos Cordero Àlvarez and their son, Angel Cordero. Carlos passed away in an April 18 car crash northeast of Lismore. (Special to The Globe)

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