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Tracy man charged in July crash

WORTHINGTON -- A Tracy man who allegedly crashed his vehicle in mid-July is facing several felony-level charges of criminal vehicular operation, along with misdemeanor counts of drinking and driving while underaged.

Ian Warren Black, 19, reportedly told an officer after the crash he has no fixed residence and had been sleeping in his vehicle for a few nights. Authorities were called to the site of a crash with injuries shortly after 10 p.m. July 17, just west of the city of Adrian.

When a deputy arrived, she saw a man, later identified as Black, kneeling near one of two injured women. He denied being injured and said he had been driving when the accident occurred. He allegedly reported drinking six beers that evening. Preliminary breath tests showed a blood alcohol content of .016 and .012 percent.

After finishing field sobriety tests, Black allegedly told the same deputy he had not been in an accident and was not driving, but had a bump on his head.

A vehicle was located in a steeply sloped ditch and appeared to have been travelling on Cory Avenue when it missed the 90-degree curve to the east.

Black and three juvenile females were taken to the emergency room. Medical reports showed later that one girl had mild compression fracturing of the cervical spine, another had a fractured femur and the third suffered from substantial injuries to her face that resulted in skin graft reconstruction, a fractured jaw and the loss of three teeth.

While being interviewed by law enforcement, the girls said Black had driven into the ditch before the crash and was pushing hay bales around with his car. One girl said they stopped and cleaned hay off his car. There had been a fourth girl in the vehicle, authorities were told, but one moved to another vehicle that was with them after the first time Black drove into a ditch.

Officers noted corn stalks beneath the vehicle, though the ditch was not near a cornfield. Authorities noted there were full beer bottles in the water near the crashed vehicle. One of the people in the other vehicle said when Black's car went into the ditch they could all hear screaming, and the first thing Black did after exiting the car was throw beer bottles out of the vehicle.

Black has previous convictions for under 21 consumption, theft and disorderly conduct.