WORTHINGTON — A 28-year-old Worthington woman was charged this week in Nobles County District Court after hair follicle testing indicated her three children had been exposed to methamphetamine.

The testing stemmed from Nicolette Anderson's May 10 probation violation arrest. While creating a safety plan for her children when she was in jail, Anderson admitted that she had used methamphetamine in her garage in early May.

During a consent search of the home, a Nobles County deputy discovered a small baggie of meth in a couch in the garage, court documents say.

According to the complaint, from within the Nobles County Jail, Anderson had alerted a family member that a deputy would be searching the home. She told the family member that there wasn't any drugs in the garage, but requested that she check around the couch and shelves anyway.

In an interview with law enforcement, Anderson claimed she got the couch during Worthington's annual spring cleanup and that she has had friends over who could have left it there. Her friends stay in the garage and are not allowed in the home near the children, she said.

Hair follicle testing results of Anderson's three children (ages 5, 5 and 2) were received June 13. The cutoff to confirm a test result for the presence of meth was 100 pg/mg. All three children's follicles tested positive for meth at rates between 1,135 pg/mg and 3,009 pg/mg. One of the 5-year-old children's follicles also tested positive for amphetamine.

Anderson has been charged with felony methamphetamine-related crimes involving children; and child endangerment and fifth-degree controlled substance crime, both gross misdemeanors. The felony-level charge is punishable of not more than five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both.