WORTHINGTON — A criminal case involving three young men's attempted burglary last fall of a Nobles County Fairgrounds food vendor building in the pursuit of beer concluded Tuesday.

Cody J. Hernandez, 21, was convicted Tuesday of felony third-degree conspiracy to commit burglary. Co-defendants Jason Meyer, 22, and Coal Mayer, 19, were previously convicted of the felony burglary conspiracy charge.

All three were sentenced to one year and one day in prison, which is to be stayed considering they abide by terms of their probation.

They all received jail sentences, which range from 120 days (Hernandez and Mayer) to 140 days (Meyer). In accordance to his plea agreement, Hernandez will pay a $1,000 fine, while Mayer and Meyer will perform 150 hours of community service.

All three were arrested last October after a bolt cutter and can of WD-40 were discovered near their person when police responded to a trespassing call.