WORTHINGTON — A string of charges were filed against a Worthington woman this week after she violated an order for protection (OFP) and resisted arrest.

Susan Madrigal, 56, was arrested Saturday after Worthington police officers were called to a residence for a reported OFP violation.

According to court documents, Madrigal allegedly told officers she was aware of the no contact order, but was upset because the OFP had been extended. The officer noted signs of impairment.

The complaint alleges that Madrigal made repeated attempts to refuse being arrested, and at one point told officers to "drag her." Officers eventually lifted Madrigal into the back of the squad vehicle.

At the jail, Madrigal provided a breath test, which reportedly resulted in a blood alcohol concentration of .18%.

She faces felony violation of order for protection, two counts of gross misdemeanor DWI and driving after license suspension and obstruction of legal process, both misdemeanors.

Madrigal's conditional bail was set at $2,500 and her unconditional bail at $25,000. Conditions of her release prohibit her from having contact with the victim.

Madrigal was also recently convicted of felony theft after abusing her power of attorney privileges.