WORTHINGTON — A Wisconsin man will serve 180 days in jail for transporting more than 140 pounds of marijuana through the area in January.

Thao Vang, 36, of Fond du Lac, Wis. was sentenced Thursday in Nobles County District Court. He received the same sentence as his brother, Nat Vang.

The Vang brothers received a stay of imposition and were placed on five years probation. They were also ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

During Thao Vang's sentencing Thursday, his defense attorney, Matthew Olson, said Vang is not a drug user. Olson called the case a "mule-type situation," meaning Vang transported the marijuana for a person other than himself. Vang told Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore that his motive was the money he'd receive.

Moore agreed that the brothers' cases appeared to be transporting the drug for another individual, adding that the 147 pounds of marijuana in question was less than other recent mule cases in the county. Two recent, similar cases involved the transport of 342 and 482 pounds of marijuana.