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Worthington man sentenced for sixth DWI conviction


WORTHINGTON — A Worthington man was sentenced Monday in Nobles County District Court following his sixth driving while intoxicated conviction in the past 10 years.

Ojulu Ogala, 38, was sentenced to 51 months imprisonment and a five-year conditional release period after pleading guilty to first-degree DWI — refusal to submit to a chemical test.

The felony charge and a gross misdemeanor charge, which was dismissed as part of the plea agreement, stemmed from a January 2017 traffic stop in which Ogala was believed to be under the influence of alcohol. The Worthington police officer asked Ogala to take a preliminary breath test; Ogala refused.

Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore said Ogala presented the court with a difficult decision, but that the bottom line was that at some point actions have consequences. Moore added that Ogala’s recurring DWI convictions (which include three felony convictions) pose a public threat.

“That is inexcusable and not something I can look behind,” Moore said.