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California woman pleads guilty to vehicle theft, DWI

WORTHINGTON -- A California woman pleaded guilty to stealing a vehicle and operating it under the influence in September.

Leann Pozzi, 31, of Kelseyville, Calif., pleaded guilty to the felony and misdemeanor charges Tuesday in Nobles County District Court.

Pozzi admitted to consuming alcohol at a Worthington residence on Sept. 9 before stealing an unlocked vehicle with the keys in its ignition from a construction site.

“My intentions were to bring it back,” Pozzi told Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore on Tuesday.

Pozzi said she did not have possession of the stolen vehicle for more than five minutes when she regretted taking it and decided to exit Interstate 90 to return it. She was then pulled over for a dim tailight and arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Two other charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

Pozzi’s sentencing will be scheduled for a later date.