WORTHINGTON — The next hearing in the Brewster murder case against Christopher Kruse has been put on hold.

Last week, Fifth Judicial District Judge Terry Vajgrt approved defense counsel's second motion to continue Kruse's originally scheduled Aug. 7 contested omnibus hearing until 9 a.m. Oct. 31 in Nobles County District Court.

Kruse, 46, faces felony first-degree premeditated murder related to the August 2015 death of his wife, Janette Pigman-Kruse. He was indicted by a grand jury that convened in March.

Kruse's defense attorney, Thomas Hagen, filed for a continuance earlier in July when it was reportedly discovered that Vajgrt's June 7 order for a transcript of the grand jury had not been provided to the court reporter. It wasn't received by the defense until July 17, court documents indicate. That wasn't enough time, Hagen argued, for a ballistics expert and investigator they had requested to review the transcripts and for further follow-up investigation by the defense.

Vajgrt — who denied the first request — approved defense counsel's second request following a July 31 scheduling conference.

Vajgrt's order approving the continuance also set tentative trial dates for Jan. 27 through Feb. 14, 2020.