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SD man, 37, convicted of raping 16-year-old after getting her drunk


LOWER BRULE, S.D. -- A 37-year-old Lower Brule man, who was a previous sex offender, will spend 15 years in prison for raping a 16-year-old girl by the Missouri River in central South Dakota in his vehicle while she was passed out.

James St. Cloud, who was convicted of sexual abuse,  was given an extra two years in prison last week in his federal court appearance because he was on supervised probation for aggravated sexual abuse from a 1999 incident.

The conviction stems from an incident on Sept. 16, 2016, when the victim and her friend were walking along a road in Lower Brule. They were approached by a Jeep being driven by St. Cloud, who is related to the victim. St. Cloud, along with his girlfriend, offered the girls a ride and they accepted.

Once inside the Jeep, the girls were offered alcohol to drink. They began to drink and drive around Lower Brule. While in Lower Brule, they stopped at a house and picked up St. Cloud’s 19-month-old son. They drove to another house so that St. Cloud’s girlfriend could use the bathroom, and while she was inside, St. Cloud left with the victim, her friend, and his son in the Jeep.

St. Cloud drove down near the Missouri River.  The victim’s friend was passed out in the back seat. The victim passed out in the driver’s seat and when she awoke, St. Cloud was having sex with her. She tried to kick and honk the horn, but she was too drunk to move. St. Cloud admitted to having sexual intercourse with the victim while she was incapable of consenting to the sexual intercourse.

This case was investigated by the FBI.