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Milwaukee man pleads guilty after being found with 69 pounds of pot


WORTHINGTON — A Milwaukee, Wis. man pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree possession with intent to sell marijuana, a felony, in Nobles County District Court.

Walter Yang, 51, was pulled over by a Nobles County Sheriff’s deputy in November after reportedly swerving between lanes on Interstate 90. After conducting a search, the deputy found 69 pounds of marijuana hid in the car’s seat cushions and fenders.

In taking the plea deal, Yang knocked the sale charge down and eliminated a felony possession charge. As he has no previous drug charges on record, Yang will be given a stay of imposition from 48 months in prison. His probation terms will be decided by the judge during sentencing.

The other person in the car, Dang Chang, 31, of Wausau, Wis, will appear at a contested omnibus hearing at 9 a.m. June 26. He faces charges of first-degree sale and second-degree possession, both felonies.