Fulda juvenile accused of stealing vehicle from WHS parking lot


WORTHINGTON — A Fulda juvenile appeared in Nobles County District Court this week after being accused of stealing a Worthington High School student’s vehicle and fleeing the student’s father on foot.

Anthony N. Trejo, 16, appeared Monday on a string of charges filed after an alleged May 10 incident where he stole an unlocked vehicle parked near Worthington High School and was later apprehended in a Worthington lumber yard. Charges include felony motor vehicle theft, theft, fourth-degree intentional damage to property and driving without a valid license, all misdemeanors. Because Trejo is a minimum of age 16 and charged with a felony, his court case is public.

According to the juvenile complaint, a WHS student texted his father that his vehicle had been stolen from the high school. En route to the school, the father observed the vehicle at Food-N-Fuel on Diagonal Road in Worthington. He approached the suspects, who in turn handed over the keys.

When the alleged victim went to take a photo on his cell phone, Trejo allegedly grabbed the phone, breaking it in the process, and fled on foot, the complaint continues.

A Minnesota state trooper located Trejo in a nearby lumber yard. He was transported to the Sanford Worthington Medical Center emergency room due to cutting his arm on barbed wire while climbing into the lumber yard.

In a post-arrest interview, Trejo admitted that he and another juvenile male took a vehicle with the keys in its ignition parked near the high school without permission. Neither knew the student it belonged to. Trejo identified the other suspect to law enforcement, but it is publicly unknown.

Trejo had no driver’s license and informed the Worthington police officer he was on probation for domestic assault.

Trejo is on house arrest as part of his interim conditions. Because of his juvenile status, no mugshot is available.