RUSHMORE - Two arrests were made within one day of the other in relation to an alleged rape and the suspect requesting that his alleged drug transporter continuously harass the victim and complainant.

According to court documents, Benjamin P. Spanbauer, 35, of Spokane, Wash. was arrested Aug. 18 after allegedly raping a woman in a Rushmore residence. Spanbauer, who was acquainted with the alleged victim, had an existing warrant for his arrest.

A witness told the Nobles County deputy that Spanbauer had arrived at the Rushmore residence in her husband’s car, which Spanbauer reportedly did not have permission to take.

The next day, deputies advised law enforcement that Kaine Hanson, 21, of Wilmont was at the same residence and the complainant wanted him removed from the property.

The complaint stated that the deputy was aware that Hanson transported drugs for Spanbauer. Spanbauer, the complaint continues, had called Hanson from the Nobles County Jail requesting that he harass the victim and the complainant and to not stop harassing them. During that same phone call, Spanbauer allegedly told Hanson to make sure “they” don’t touch the car, as it contained his suitcase with all his cash.

The deputy allegedly found 27.38 grams of cocaine and $5,000 cash in that suitcase the day before during a consent search of the vehicle reportedly stolen from the complainant’s husband.

Upon arrival, the deputy learned that Hanson had fled the property and ran into a cornfield. The deputy began following a gray pickup they had seen circle by earlier. Hanson eventually emerged from the vehicle’s passenger seat with his hands up and was arrested, the complaint continues.

The deputy then contacted the driver, who appeared nervous. He claimed to have picked Hanson up at his request. When he arrived, Hanson threw bags into the back of the truck and told him to drive, he said. He gave consent to search the vehicle, which resulted in the alleged discovery of 24 pounds of vacuum-sealed marijuana packages and an Altoid container with 10.8 grams of cocaine.

Spanbauer and Hanson now face criminal charges in Nobles County District Court.

Spanbauer faces charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, first-degree drug sale, third-degree controlled substance possession and motor vehicle theft, all felonies. The drug sale charge (the most serious offense) is punishable up to 30 years imprisonment, a $1 million fine or both. His conditional bail was set bail was set at $150,000 and his unconditional at $250,000. He is scheduled for an Aug. 24 initial appearance in Nobles County District Court.

Hanson faces aiding an offender to avoid arrest, second-degree sale of a controlled substance, second-degree sale of 10 kilos or more of marijuana within a 90-day period, third-degree controlled substance possession and third-degree possession of 10 kilos or more of a marijuana mixture, all felonies.

The second-degree sale charges, the most serious offenses, are punishable up to 25 years in prison a $500,000 fine or both.

Hanson’s conditional bail was set at $15,000 and his unconditional at $30,000. He is set to make a Sept. 4 initial appearance in Nobles County District Court.