JACKSON - A Lakefield man involved last spring in a five-hour standoff with multiple law enforcement agencies after discharging a firearm inside his home has a chance to have his criminal case dismissed.

According to court documents, Brandon E. Hemphill, 37, was sentenced to serve a supervised probationary period up to two years in relation to the events spurred the area’s High-risk Entry and Arrest Team (H.E.A.T.) team into action. In accordance to the plea agreement, successful completion of probation will result in the dismissal of the felony discharge of a dangerous weapon within a municipality charge. One other charge was dismissed as part of the agreement.

Officers were called to Hemphill’s Lakefield home last March after he allegedly sent angry comments that also posed concern for his own personal safety. He allegedly fired a gun inside his home, and officers were able to find a single hole in the living room wall that was believed to be caused by firearm discharge, the complaint stated.