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Two arrested in Worthington bedroom burglary

Saengsourine Rounoubon1 / 2
Sittisak Rounoubon2 / 2

WORTHINGTON — What started as a reported early Sunday morning burglary of a Worthington residence resulted in the arrest of two individuals that resided within the same home.

According to criminal complaints filed in Nobles County District Court, the Worthington Police Department was called to a residence at 1:51 a.m. Sunday in response to items allegedly missing from a bedroom that had been secured by a padlock. The padlock had been cut.

Items missing included loose change, two wrist watches, a wallet and a silver iPhone 7 with a red case. The value of objects missing was estimated at $1,200.

Officers were advised that Sittisak Rounoubon, 29, and Saengsourine Rounoubon, 27, live at the residence rent-free, and the padlock had been installed on the bedroom door in response to what the alleged victim claimed to be a pattern of thefts committed by Sittisak. The alleged victim is a family member of Sittisak and Saengsourine.

The alleged victim asked that officers search everywhere in the house.

During the consent search, officers allegedly discovered a bolt cutter at the top of the basement stairs, which was known to be Sittisak’s room. Other drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine residue was allegedly discovered in his known bedroom. Drug paraphernalia and meth residue was also allegedly discovered in an upstairs bedroom, known to be Saengsourine’s. He told officers he’d smoked meth that day, but denied involvement in the burglary.

During the booking process at the Nobles County Jail, corrections agents allegedly discovered an iPhone 7 on Sittisak’s person that matched the description of one missing from his family member’s bedroom.