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Persistent phone calls lead to man’s drug sale charges


WORTHINGTON — Receiving persistent phone calls from an alleged drug customer while in the presence of law enforcement aided in an investigation that led to a drug sale charge against a Worthington man.

Felony drug sale and possession charges were filed this week against Clement P. Wani, 29, following a traffic stop that resulted in the alleged discovery of 260.8 grams of marijuana hidden in the vehicle’s trunk underneath a blanket. Wani — who the criminal complaint says also identifies himself as “Trouble” — told the officer that the $560.81 cash also discovered in his vehicle was from a check that he’d cashed earlier.

Wani denied smelling any marijuana in the vehicle and said he didn’t know who it belonged to.

During an interview with law enforcement, Wani allegedly got repeated calls on his cell phone from a persistent individual. Law enforcement went to the caller’s house in Worthington, who admitted that he’d planned to purchase $10 worth of marijuana from Wani, as he had in the past.

Wani also faces a gross misdemeanor driving after (driver’s license) cancellation charge.

His unconditional bail was set at $10,000 and his conditional at $2,000. As of Friday, he’d been released from the Nobles County Jail.

He’s scheduled to make a March 19 initial appearance in Nobles County District Court.