LAKEFIELD - A Lakefield man who made international headlines earlier this year following the death of his dog Donald J. Trump appeared this week in Jackson County District Court on criminal cases related to alleged continued nuisance by his Alaskan Malamute dogs.

According to court records, Randall Thom, 59, was arraigned in two criminal cases related to the death of nearly two dozen chickens, two goats and at least two cats that allegedly occurred as a result of three separate attacks from his unattended dogs. The incidents occurred after the Feb. 10 death of his Malamute named after the 45th president was rumored to have been killed in politically motivated gunfire. The death garnered more than $3,800 in donations on a GoFundMe page.

According to court documents, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a rural Lakefield farm on March 8 for a reported attack on the property’s barn animals. Upon arrival, deputies noted the slaughter that included the entire chicken coop, and noted many of the dead chickens were also dismembered. One goat was killed in the attack and almost another dozen seriously injured, all of which were allegedly covered in blood. Another goat was later euthanized by a veterinarian due to the extent of its injuries.

Deputies were advised that two dogs had been shot during the barn attack.

According to the criminal complaint, Thom allegedly retrieved the dead animals on the property on which law enforcement previously prohibited him from.

The surviving goats, some of which were pregnant, were treated with an antibiotic to prevent infection from their wounds, the complaint stated. It wasn’t immediately known whether infection was prevented.

Thom claimed that the dogs escaped from him earlier that morning due to him slipping and falling as he was trying to secure the dogs on a cable.

He faces misdemeanor charges of public nuisance, trespassing and any thing which is likely to cause injury to property related to the barnyard incident. He also faces misdemeanor charges of public nuisance and any thing which is likely to cause injury to property in relation to a Feb. 28 incident, in which six of his dogs are accused of killing at least two cats.

According to the criminal complaint, an individual woke in the night to what was categorized as loud noises. The complainant said six dogs were attacking a cat. The complainant was certain the dogs killed the cat, but wanted to wait until daylight to check.  

Following the reported cat attack, the deputy contacted Thom, who claimed to have all of his dogs. Upon checking, they were nowhere to be found, and he claimed they must have escaped from his residence due to a bad lock on his door. He said he would go search for the dogs.

Another complainant called the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office within four hours of the first cat attack. The caller claimed that six dogs were attacking two of his cats. The deputy photographed two dead cats as evidence.

The deputy went to Thom’s home, but no contact was made.

A May 22 omnibus hearing is the next scheduled court appearance in the matters.