WORTHINGTON - Two Sibley, Iowa teenagers were arrested early Friday morning after being stopped in a stolen vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, Elijah J. Bettelyoun, 16, and Craig A. Hopkins, 17, were arrested after 3 a.m. May 10 near Minnesota 60 and Interstate 90 in a stolen 2001 Maroon GMC Yukon. Hopkins, who did not have a valid driver’s license, was the driver of the vehicle, and Bettelyoun was intoxicated, the complaint states.

According to the complaint, Bettelyoun claimed to have permission to use the vehicle taken from the 1015 Steak Company parking lot in Sibley. The owner of the vehicle was contacted, and said Bettelyoun and Hopkins did not have permission to drive the vehicle and wanted to report it stolen.

In an interview with law enforcement, Hopkins claimed Bettelyoun showed up at a residence with the vehicle and asked Hopkins to drive him home. Hopkins said he was currently on probation because a friend “threw him under the bus” for taking someone else’s vehicle. Hopkins claimed to have only been acquainted with Bettelyoun for a couple weeks.

In a later interview, Hopkins said he began driving about 15 to 20 minutes after Bettelyoun stole the vehicle because he suspected he shouldn’t be driving.

A preliminary breath test was conducted on Bettelyoun. It resulted in a .044% breath alcohol concentration.

No mugshots are available because of the teen’s age.