WORTHINGTON - Charges were filed last week accusing a Sioux Falls, S.D. man of threatening and biting a corrections officer while he was incarcerated at the Nobles County Jail in Worthington.

Nicholas R. Bryson, 38, has been charged with felony fourth-degree assault of a corrections officer.

According to the criminal complaint, corrections staff entered Bryson’s cell May 8 after he was allegedly being uncooperative in moving to another jail pod. Upon entering, Bryson allegedly pushed one of the corrections officer and landed on top of him, and the two then wrestled on the floor.

As the jailer was getting up, Bryson allegedly lunged toward him and forcefully and relentlessly bit the officer’s finger. The action allegedly drew blood underneath the officer’s glove.

The corrections officer was treated for the bite wound and knee pain from the altercation at the emergency room.  

Bryson’s conditional bail was scheduled at $10,000 and unconditional at $20,000.