ADRIAN - Two men were arrested on charges of drug sale and possession following a traffic stop near Adrian Tuesday.

A Minnesota State Patrol officer conducted a traffic stop on Interstate 90 near Adrian and asked the driver, Jesse John Rasche, 21, of Fairmont, to accompany him to the patrol car to complete warning paperwork.

As the officer made small talk with Rasche about where Rasche had been and where he was going, he noticed that Rasche appeared nervous. When the officer ran Rasche’s identification, a prior drug charge was revealed.

The officer returned to Rasche’s vehicle and questioned the passenger, Anthony Craig Clarke, 21, of Fairmont. Clarke’s story conflicted with Rasche’s. The officer also found that Clarke had an active felony warrant in Nicollet County.

The state trooper then asked Rasche for permission to search the vehicle, but Rasche declined.

The K-9 accompanying the officer sniffed out the vehicle and found a marijuana dispensary bag in the backseat. The bag contained a small amount of marijuana.

In the trunk, the officer found heat-sealed baggies along with 36 1-gram marijuana wax packets, three THC candy “sugar drops” totaling 84 grams, a chocolate mint THC candy bar, two tubes of THC-based food/beverage additive and 5.5 pounds of marijuana.

Rasche and Clarke were transported to Nobles County Jail. Each was charged with two counts of felony fifth-degree drug sale of marijuana mix; one count of felony drug possession of schedule I, II, III or IV substances; and two counts of misdemeanor drug possession.

The maximum sentence for the most serious charge is five years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

Rasche and Clarke are being held on bail with conditions at $3,000 and without conditions at $9,000.