ADRIAN - Larry Dean Behrends, 65, of Adrian was arrested Wednesday on charges of felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and threats of violence/brandishing a firearm.

The criminal complaint against Behrends states that he visited Orv’s Bar in Adrian on Wednesday, became intoxicated and fell down. He left the bar and returned later that day.

When Behrends returned, the bartender asked about his earlier fall. In response, Behrends became upset and produced a handgun.

The complaint details that “Behrends was saying that everyone is always mean to him and that he should shoot (the bartender) and everyone else. The victim was terrified and took a picture of Behrends with his gun so there would be proof of the person responsible in the event that she was shot.”

The bartender was able to get Behrends to leave the bar. She then called law enforcement and explained what happened, and included a description of Behrends’s gun and holster.

When officers questioned Behrends at his home, “Behrends stated that the assault statements were completely false and that he is being set up.” He did, however, admit that he owned a firearm. When he showed his weapon to the officers, it was shown to match the victim’s verbal description and the picture she took.

Behrends told law enforcement he was not drunk, but a breathalyzer test revealed a breath alcohol content of .226.

Behrends was transported to Nobles County Jail, where conditional bail is set at $1,500 and without conditions at $3,000. The maximum sentence for the most serious charge is seven years in prison, a $14,000 fine or both.