WORTHINGTON — A Jackson man was arrested Aug. 22 when a routine traffic stop in Nobles County resulted in the discovery of drugs.

The law enforcement officer noticed a vehicle that didn't have front or back license plates, and couldn't see the temporary sticker until getting up close because of the tint in the rear window.

While talking to the driver, the officer noticed the passenger, Logan Joseph Stammer, 33, displaying signs of being high on meth. The driver did not give consent to a search, so the officer retrieved his K-9 to sniff the outside of the vehicle.

During the sniff, the K-9 jumped through the window of the vehicle and sat next to a backpack in the back seat, indicating that the backpack contained narcotics. The backpack had a lock on it, and when the officer asked for the key, Stammer said he had thrown it in the grass.

The officer said he would have to cut open the backpack to examine its contents, at which point Stammer extended both arms and told the officer, "You might as well just take me to jail, then."

Inside the backpack were a glass pipe and two straws with white residue on them, a packed marijuana pipe, a digital scale with white residue, three baggies with a total of 26.8 grams of meth and a baggie with 0.6 grams of marijuana.

The driver exhibited no signs of impairment and was allowed to leave. Stammer was taken to the Nobles County Jail and faces a charges of third-degree drug possession, which has a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine.