LUVERNE — A Luverne man has been charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault with a firearm as a result of an incident last month.

Jake Allen Syndergaard, 30, was listed as the perpetrator in a criminal complaint filed Oct. 26. A victim alleged in the complaint that Syndergaard drank an entire bottle of 100-proof Yukon Jack liquor and then got angry. He allegedly confronted the victim and pointed a handgun — later identified as a 9mm Sig Sauer P226 — at her, and fired a shot into the ground.

Later, Syndergaard's mother picked him up and brought him to her house to cool off. During that time, the victim went to the police station and reported Syndergaard's crime.

The criminal complaint says the victim initially asked for an Order For Protection so Syndergaard could not hurt her and was reluctant to file a written statement because she didn't want Syndergaard to get into trouble. However, following a consultation with an advocate from the Southwest Crisis Center, the victim agreed to sign a written statement.

Officers went to the scene of the crime and photographed evidence of the shot into the ground. They then went to Syndergaard's mother's house to collect him and the firearm.

Syndergaard's mother told law enforcement her son was "having a mental breakdown" and asked if he could sleep off the alcohol and surrender at the police station the next day. Officers explained that Syndergaard would need to be arrested immediately.

The mother brought Syndergaard's handgun to the police, who discovered a loaded magazine and a live round in the chamber. They unloaded the gun and arrested Syndergaard for second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic assault with a firearm.

If convicted, Syndergaard faces seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine.

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