WORTHINGTON — A Jackson man will spend 90 days in jail for his role in burglarizing a Round Lake business last year.

Stephen Dorschner, 22, received a stay of imposition on a third-degree burglary charge related to an August 2018 burglary of a Round Lake hair salon that resulted in the theft of cash, jewelry and checks, which Dorschner and co-defendant Coal Mayer reportedly made an unsuccessful attempt to cash. One other charge was dismissed per the plea agreement.

If Dorschner abides by the terms of his four-year supervised probationary term, the felony-level offense may be recorded as a misdemeanor on his record. Dorschner was also ordered to pay $120 in restitution jointly with Mayer to the victim.

Dorschner said the burglary wasn't his idea, but was asked to help.

Although the sentencing recommendation from Rock-Nobles Community Corrections didn't include jail time, state prosecutor Adam Johnson recommended a local jail sentence be imposed to "impress upon the defendant" the seriousness of a felony burglary crime. Dorschner's co-defendant, Mayer, reportedly served 100 days in jail on the case.

As of Tuesday's sentencing, Dorschner didn't have a criminal record, but he does have a pending case in Jackson County. The receiving stolen property charge relates to a string of regional burglaries allegedly committed by Mayer, Jason Meyer and Sebastian Baker.


Three arrested in connection to regional burglaries

Defense attorney Louis Kuchera said Dorschner maintains his innocence in the Jackson County case, as he "had no reason to know or believe" the ATV was stolen property.

Fifth Judicial District Judge Gordon Moore noted that within the past year, Dorschner has been on a spree of negative behavior.

Dorschner said he'll do anything to stay away from trouble and drama, and that he's stopped hanging around the Mayer-Meyer-Baker group.

"I did the crime," he said. "I should do the time."