WORTHINGTON — Two Worthington teenagers face felony charges for allegedly stealing a large sum of cash from their employer.

According to the criminal complaint, a Walmart employee reported cash shortages from registers that employees Liliana A. Hidalgo, 19, and Lucas Schneider, 16, were logged into.

Walmart reported a loss of $4,621 during an 11-day period from Hidalgo's register and $4,082 during an 18-day period from Schneider's registers.

A Worthington police officer reviewed surveillance footage that allegedly depicts Hidalgo taking money from the registers and putting it into her vest or pocket or scanning items, pushing the "cash" button and then taking money form the register.

Hidalgo admitted to stealing money, but denied knowing she had taken more than $4,000.

Surveillance footage also reportedly shows Schneider regularly maneuvering money around in the till and placing cash in between the register and counter, then later placing the money in his pocket. The complaint states on some instances, Schneider would accept cash payments from customers and not put it into the cash drawer.

Schneider reportedly told law enforcement he stole $100 — $200, but then later claimed to have taken $300 — $400.

Schneider told law enforcement that Hidalgo had told him she took $800 one day for a special occasion. Schneider said Hidalgo showed him how to take money from the register, and that she admitted to taking money on other occasions as well. Schneider said if he didn't steal money, Hidalgo would give him money she stole.

Schneider's juvenile delinquency petition is public because he faces a felony and is older than 16. However, his mugshot is not public.

Hidalgo and Schneider face charges of felony theft, which carries a maximum sentence for an adult conviction of five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both.

Hidalgo was released without bond. Schneider was placed on home arrest with electronic home monitoring technology.