EDGERTON — An Edgerton man and woman have been charged in Nobles County District Court for storing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia near young children.

According to the criminal complaint, an anonymous tip was received by Nobles County Community Services that Troy Sas, 37, was using meth around young children. Upon arrival to the home, a Nobles County deputy witnessed who was believed to be Troy Sas run from a vehicle into a nearby garage.

With cooperation from Anna Sas, 32, the deputy searched the garage, where marijuana and meth pipes were allegedly discovered. Troy Sas then appeared in the garage, claimed possession of the paraphernalia and was arrested.

A search warrant was executed in the home. Deputies reportedly discovered other evidence of illegal drug activity throughout the home and garage. Many of the illegal substances recovered were reportedly within close proximity of children's items. Anna Sas was also placed under arrest.

The children were reportedly placed in protective custody.

Troy and Ana Sas have been charged with meth-related crimes involving children and fifth-degree drug possession, both felonies; possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, both petty misdemeanors.

They were both released without bond.