WORTHINGTON — A Worthington man was arrested Saturday for unlawfully possessing ammunition and drugs.

According to the criminal complaint, a Worthington police officer stopped a vehicle driven by Michael D. Johnson, 47, just after 4 p.m. Saturday. The officer allegedly observed two red 12-gauge shotgun shells in the front of the vehicle.

A 1995 theft of firearm conviction and 2016 drug conviction prohibited Johnson from possessing a firearm or ammunition. His record reportedly doesn’t indicate his right to possess ammunition or a firearm has been restored.

As Johnson exited the vehicle so the officer could search it further, Johnson allegedly reached to the floorboard and attempted to remove a red plastic bag. He was ordered to stop.

Inside the bag, the officer reportedly discovered a blue sock containing a glass bulb that contained methamphetamine residue. Six more 12-gauge shotgun shells were allegedly discovered throughout the vehicle.

Johnson faces two counts of felony firearm violations and felony fifth-degree drug possession.

Johnson was released without bail on conditions.