PIPESTONE — Criminal charges were filed Wednesday morning against a Pipestone Area Schools student who was arrested Monday morning for bringing a BB gun to the middle and high school.

According to the criminal complaint, Bastian Alanzo Cole Erickson, 18, filmed himself Monday morning in the school’s first floor bathroom with a gun that was made to look like a pistol. He then shared it with other students.

Erickson faces the following charges: felony counts of terroristic threats and threats of violence — display replica/BB gun; and a gross misdemeanor count of dangerous weapons — use or brandish replica firearm or BB gun while knowingly on school property. He faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both.

Erickson's conditional bail was set at $0 and his unconditional bail at $5,000. As of noon Wednesday, Erickson was still on the Pipestone County Jail's online inmate listing.

On Monday, a student reported a weapon’s policy violation to school administration, and the Pipestone County Sheriff’s Office responded. Erickson was in Principal Cory Strasser’s office when deputies arrived. They located a Daisy Powerline CO2 BB/pellet gun and CO2 cartridge in Erickson's backpack and he was placed under arrest.

A deputy interviewed students, four of whom reported that Erickson showed them videos he’d created in the PAS bathroom with the gun. One student reported that Erickson patted his side like he was concealing the gun in his waistband. Another student reported that Erickson told her he got a new .38 for Christmas. Yet another student said a video they’d seen was of Erickson laughing in the bathroom with a gun in his hand.

Students reported being fearful of what might happen after viewing the videos and photos.

Erickson admitted to law enforcement that he took a video with a gun in the first floor bathroom.

According to Pipestone County Sheriff Keith Vreeman, Erickson was suspended from school as a result of the incident.

PAS Superintendent Kevin Enerson said no threats were made and the school followed its policies and procedures.