WORTHINGTON — A Worthington man was arrested Sunday afternoon following a police response to Centennial Park for a report of a stabbing.

Officers observed a victim with a puncture wound on the upper left arm and a swollen and bruised wrist. The victim reported that a household member, Roberto Gonzales, 50, of Worthington, had been drinking for several days. The victim had been staying in a friend's house and went to check on Gonzales, at which point they argued, and Gonzales hit the victim and stabbed them in the arm.

The victim allegedly tried to call 911 but hung up when Gonzales approached them. The victim then called a friend to pick them up and was able to call for emergency help.

When law enforcement arrived on the scene, officers were taken to the home, where the victim said Gonzales would be the only person home. Gonzales did not open the door, so police forced entry into the home. He also allegedly did not comply with the officers' instructions to get on the ground.

At Nobles County Jail, Gonzales took a breath test, which registered a breath alcohol content of .31%. Gonzales was previously convicted of fifth-degree assault in December 2015.

Gonzales was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon that caused substantial bodily harm, a felony, and interfering with a 911 call and domestic assault, both gross misdemeanors. The most serious charge carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and/or a $20,000 fine.