WORTHINGTON ― A Worthington man has been arrested after allegedly entering a local woman’s home late at night.

Law enforcement responded to a call late Saturday night that an unknown man had walked into a woman’s home on Woodland Court. She gave a physical description of the intruder and reported that he had come in through the garage door, which was unlocked. The woman said when she noticed him, he was doing something on his phone. She allegedly asked what he was doing, and he told her he was on Instagram live.

When the homeowner called 9-1-1, the intruder reportedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I thought this was my buddy’s house. Don’t call the cops.” Then he left the residence.

Officers found a man walking outside matching the homeowner’s description, who was identified as Aduo Omot, 28, of Worthington. Omot was known by law enforcement to have entered single women’s homes late at night on previous occasions.

When police located Omot, he allegedly told them he had been walking down the bike path when he heard dogs barking and a woman screaming from inside the residence, so he had gone in to check it out.

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Omot consented to a preliminary breath test, which measured a breath alcohol content of 0.204%.

Omot was arrested and charged with felony first-degree burglary and two gross misdemeanors: interference with privacy and harassment.

After his arrest, Omot provided a lengthy statement to police. He reportedly explained that he usually goes on a walk a few nights a week. On Saturday night, the statement says, Omot had been drinking with a friend and was walking off the alcohol when he saw the residence in question. He said he noticed that the lights were on inside. Claiming he knew the neighborhood well because he used to live there, Omot said he had never seen lights on in that house late at night before.

“When I was walking down the hill, I heard a scream,” Omot said in his statement. “It sounded like a raccoon or a cat.

“I heard a bunch of noise coming from the house,” he continued. “I sat there for a little bit and listened to it … I sat there for five minutes watching.” Omot detailed exactly what he could see in the house, including that a woman was home alone inside. He told police he didn’t know the woman at all.

“I’ve been through college and (I’m) used to seeing random houses and going in for parties, and that was my mentality,” he told officers. “Partying is my instinct … It’s a normal thing to go into a house with lights on when you’re walking home from a party.”

Omot’s statement further reads that he turned on the flashlight on his phone because it was dark in the home’s garage, but that he wasn’t on Instagram or recording anything while he was inside the house.

“My story depends on what I get charged with,” he added. “I’ll explain to the judge that I was drinking. I had 15 beers, which is not a lot for me.”

Law enforcement interviewed Omot again on Monday.

This time, he allegedly told officers that he had gotten blackout drunk on Saturday, and when he went to walk it off, he chose to go to the home in question because he had posted an Instagram picture from that location back in January.

He further explained in the second interview that he went inside because he saw a woman there alone and “wanted a hook up,” adding that he had already contacted other women for sexual contact that night, but hadn’t gotten anyone to say yes.

Omot is being held in Nobles County Jail. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, a $35,000 fine or both.