WORTHINGTON — Sittisak Rounoubon was sentenced Tuesday in two separate cases of burglary involving a series of Worthington businesses, homes and vehicles.

Rounoubon appeared at the hearing via Zoom from his drug treatment facility.

"I actually want to get my life straight," the 30-year-old said. "I want to do drug court."

"I hope you are ready to change your lifestyle," Fifth Judicial Judge Gordon Moore told Rounoubon, commenting that the defendant has been unemployed for a decade, lives with his parents and gave up on earning his GED.

"There's a lot more to life than just existing," said Moore, who encouraged Rounoubon to find a job and prioritize getting some education.

Moore sentenced Rounoubon to one term of 24 months and another term of 21 months in prison, with stays of execution pending three years of supervised probation. If Rounoubon abides by the terms of his probation for the duration, he will not be required to serve any additional jail time beyond the 89 days he already served following his arrests.

Rounoubon will also have to pay a $700 fine in each case — for a total of $1,400, which he may work off through community service — and whatever restitution is deemed appropriate to the victims. He is excluded from entering each of the places he burglarized.