GEORGE, Iowa — A Sioux Falls, South Dakota resident was arrested in Lyon County June 6 after a report that she had broken into a home and stolen cash.

The George homeowner reported that a woman had stolen $200 to $300, and the victim had followed the thief's car long enough to take down the vehicle's license plate number.

A Lyon County deputy located the vehicle and performed a turnaround to catch up to the driver. When the officer activated the squad car's emergency lights, another unrelated car parked behind the deputy to let the officer know that for the last two miles, the driver being pulled over had been swerving all over the road and had dumped powder out the window while the officer was turning around.

The driver did not have a photo ID on hand but identified herself verbally as Tiffany Dodge, 40, and reportedly told the deputy she had had three beers — a preliminary breath test calculated her breath alcohol level at 0.01% — and that she was addicted to meth but hadn't used meth for several weeks. When the officer pressed further, the criminal complaint details, Dodge admitted that she had snorted meth that morning.

Dodge was arrested on charges of second-degree burglary and OWI and booked into Lyon County Jail. Later that night, the passenger in Dodge's vehicle was also arrested on unrelated charges, and referred to Dodge as "Kristy" several times. Lyon County Jail staff located a Minnehaha County, South Dakota arrest warrant for one Kristy Dodge, 37, for drug crimes. The picture on the warrant matched Dodge's appearance. She was subsequently charged with the additional offenses of providing a false ID, false reporting and obstruction of prosecution.

Lyon County is unable to extradite Dodge to South Dakota due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A mug shot was not immediately available.